“Timilai dekhe dekhi nai” by deepak ghimire

music video

Here is the our latest work..a brand new music video of our own and very much talented singer Deepak Ghimire with the likes of model Shekhar Kc and Ashishma Nakarmi..We had so much fun shooting and making the video..We have done some seconds of photo motion ,,Hope you all will like our work..we would love to hear honest response from you all…Enjoy guys and dont forget to subscribe us at planet3films on youtube and facebook…


we totally believe you guys loved our short behind the scene and making. planet3 films is basically 2 man crew trying to do all making of videos. we first made story borad in pre production (hopefully we will find that storyboard and post here soon) selected the models and workout on shots selection. we both really work hard to make this video good on every possible angel.

green screen was done in totally low budget (basically video production was low budget production) and we had this concept of making old filmy green screen replaced looks.

we also tried some stop motion sequence which was also new to us in video making. we shot all video in baltimore, maryland and Virginia area.

our good friends family and brothers helped us a lot on making of video.

please dont forget to drop some comments down there and let us know how we doing. it always our concern to know what you think of us and our making. we are still kids and trying to learn every expect of filmmaking from ground level. we need your constructive criticism and guideline to grow with time and entertain you more in coming days.

peace and love
planet3 films family
anoj jung and arjun subedi


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